Jun 18, 2024
Keeping Cool A Day in the Life

Morning Kickoff

The day starts with a quick team huddle at the Total Air Solutions office. Our technicians review the schedule, ensuring they have all the necessary tools and supplies for the day’s jobs. From air conditioner repairs to HVAC installations, we’re prepared for anything.

On the Road

Our first stop is a residential air conditioner service call in Tampa, FL. The homeowner has reported that their unit isn’t cooling properly. Upon inspection, we discover a refrigerant leak, which is causing the system to work overtime. After repairing the leak and topping up the refrigerant levels, the air conditioner is back in top shape.

New Installation

Next up, we head to North Port, FL, for a air conditioning installation. The homeowners have recently built an addition to their house and need a new system to keep the space comfortable. Our team efficiently installs the new unit, ensuring proper ductwork and airflow throughout the home.

Lunch Break

  • Grab a quick bite at a local eatery
  • Discuss upcoming projects and any potential challenges
  • Restock supplies for the afternoon

Afternoon Hustle

The afternoon brings us to Town ‘n’ Country, FL, where a commercial client needs an HVAC installation for their new office space. Our team works diligently to install the system, ensuring it meets all building codes and energy efficiency standards.

Final Stop

Our last call of the day is in Port Charlotte, FL, where a homeowner needs AC repair. Upon arrival, we quickly diagnose the issue as a clogged air filter, which can cause the system to work harder and less efficiently. After replacing the filter, the air conditioner is back to running smoothly.

Wrapping Up

As we head back to the office in Greater Carrollwood, FL, and Citrus Park, FL, we reflect on a successful day of keeping our community cool and comfortable. At Total Air Solutions, we take pride in our work and strive to provide top-notch service to every customer, whether it’s a routine maintenance call or a complex installation.

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