Nov 14, 2023
A Breath of Refreshing Air in Florida’s Sunshine

Nothing beats the unbeatable heat of Florida like a breath of refreshing air conditioned comfort. This was the principle upon which Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. was built. A journey that began with a solitary AC service in The Villages, FL., now extends to being a sought after AC contractor in Oxford, FL and Summerfield, and FL.

The Expansion Story

Based on the pure dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction, the story doesn’t just end there. The expansion into Ocala, FL to become a leading AC repair service was one of the hallmark achievements of Sun Kool Air Conditioning, Inc. But the company didn’t stop there. Their consistent aim to achieve more lead to establishing HAVC and cooling services in the breezy city of Wildwood, FL.

Staying Cool with Sun Kool

The name Sun Kool isn’t just a brand, it is a promise, a commitment to providing cooling comfort no matter the intensity of the Floridian sun. It’s a tale of unwavering dedication, robust service, and above all else, a zeal to keep everyone comfortable, one cool breeze at a time. It’s not just air conditioning, with Sun Kool, it’s a lifestyle experience.

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