Feb 9, 2024
Debunking Common Myths About Furnace Replacement – Insights from All Makes Heating and Air Conditioning Corp

When it comes to household appliances, there is no shortage of misinformation circling around. One device that tends to fall victim to such misinformation is the furnace. Today, we’re going to debunk some common myths about furnace replacement, giving you the plain facts presented by All Makes Heating And Air Conditioning Corp (AMHAC).

Myth 1: All Furnaces Are Created Equal

The first myth that needs breaking is the idea that all furnaces are created equal. In reality, several different factors may differ greatly between models, such as their size, efficiency rating, and whether they’re designed to work with certain types of fuel. Moreover, proper installation can significantly influence the furnace’s performance over time.

Myth 2: You Can Install A Furnace Yourself

Another commonly perpetuated myth is that you can install a furnace yourself. While this might technically be possible under specific circumstances, it’s not recommended. This is a project that requires technical skill and knowledge to ensure safe and efficient operation. The potential cost of a poor installation can far exceed the initial saving of doing it yourself.

Myth 3: Your Furnace Doesn’t Require Maintenance If It’s Working Fine

A popular misconception that even some seasoned homeowners believe is that if their furnace seems to be working fine, it doesn’t require any regular maintenance. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Regular, scheduled maintenance is crucial to ensure your furnace’s longevity and optimum performance, reducing the likelihood of needing a full-blown replacement.

Myth 4: Furnaces Only Provide Heat

Last but surely not least, we come to the myth that furnaces only provide heat. The reality is that modern furnaces do much more than heat your home. They’re integral components of your household’s entire HVAC system, often involved in air purification and humidity control.

In conclusion, knowing your furnace’s facts can save you from making costly mistakes. Don’t fall for the myths—trust the professionals at All Makes Heating and Air Conditioning Corp for all your heater installation and furnace replacement needs in Eastchester, NY, New Rochelle, NY, Mamaroneck, NY, Scarsdale, NY, White Plains, NY, and Bronxville, NY.

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