Nov 12, 2023
Furnace Repair and Installation: Simple DIY Tips by Comfort Plus Services

Repairing and installing furnaces, whilst mostly left to the experts, sometimes requires the homeowners’ attention too. And who else better to guide you on furnace related matters than us at Comfort Plus Services? We specialize in furnace repair and installation and have useful DIY tips to share.

Understanding Your Furnace

The first tip is understanding how your furnace works. The more you know, the easier it will be to spot trouble or maintain it. The furnace operates through a simple process: it takes in cold air, cleans it with an air filter, heats it up using a gas burner or heating element, and then distributes the warmed air throughout your home. Learn more about your furnace here.

Regular Furnace Maintenance

Taking care of your furnace is of the utmost importance. Regular maintenance can prevent breakdowns and increase furnace efficiency. This includes changing the air filter every 90 days, keeping the area around the furnace clean, checking for leaks, and ensuring the blower door seal is tight.

Another important aspect is to have your furnace inspected annually. While this isn’t a DIY task, scheduling regular inspections can catch potential problems early on.

Furnace Repair: When to DIY and When to Call an Expert

Common problems such as loose or frayed blower belts, outdated thermostat, or a clogged filter can be fixed at home with a few tools and guidance. For bigger issues like faulty motors or ignition failure, it’s best to call in the experts. Remember: if you’re uncertain or the fix looks intricate, it’s always safer to contact a professional.

DIY Furnace Replacement: Is it Recommended?

As for furnace installation or replacement, this is typically a task best left to experts due to the complexity and safety risks involved. However, homeowners can be proactive in other ways, such as understanding the correct size of furnace needed for the space, researching energy-efficient models, or learning about the advantages of programmable thermostats.

While DIY solutions are useful, it’s good to have a relationship with a trusted HVAC professional. At Comfort Plus Services, we’re proud to offer a range of services for your heating needs. Visit our contact page and we’ll be happy to help you keep your home comfortable in any season.

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