Mar 1, 2024
Hilarious Happenings in the Heating & Cooling Realm

In the glamorous world of HVAC (who are we kidding?), kidding or not, stuff happens. If your thermostat has ever thrown a tantrum in freezing cold weather or your AC started giving you a sauna experience in mid-July, you know Heat Engineering is the Local Expert Heating & Cooling Service to call.

Chilling Tales of Overheating

You may think it’s all serious business, but we’ve seen our fair share of hilarity. Like when Mr. Johnson’s furnace decided to become an impromptu popcorn maker. Or when Miss Abernathy’s AC began to spit ice balls. Let’s not forget about the Smith family who learned their heating system could do an impressive impersonation of a teapot. The funny incidents go on and on.

Heat Engineering is your safety net for when your appliances decide to turn comedians. We are never more than a phone call away with our rapid response team and firm commitment to saving the day, or well, warming it (or cooling it) up. Trust us, we don’t monkey around when it comes to your comfort. Well, not unless your heater does first.

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