Nov 6, 2023
The Legacy of Warmth, Comfort, and Control with Bruton

In the heart of Oregon, a story unfolds. It began with a dedicated group of professionals in Sherwood and Tigard, motivated by a challenge of creating comfort against the elements. Mastering the art of temperature control was not a task taken lightly, instead, it became the essence of their purpose. A reliable HVAC company was born, aptly named Bruton Comfort Control.

A Meticulous Journey towards Excellence

Dedicated to offering premium heating service, Bruton expanded their reach to Newberg and Wilsonville. Their mission: to ensure that every resident of Oregon experiences the warmth they deserve, even amid the harshest winters. A puntuality of service and precision in installation became Bruton’s signature, making them the go-to for furnace service in Aloha.

Transcending the traditional approach, Bruton took a step further. They introduced furnace installation and furnace maintenance services in Beaverton, a testament to their commitment.

The Bruton Promise

As we stand today, Bruton Comfort Control offers an array of services that have helped foster a legacy of warmth, comfort, and precision. Ready to journey with them, and experience the Bruton Difference?

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