Sep 10, 2023
Top DIY Tips to enhance your Commercial and Rental Property Management Skills

Welcome to the ultimate DIY guide meant specifically for those engaged in Handyman Services, Commercial Property Sales, and Rental Property Management. Put together by the well-established Towne Housing Real Estate, this guide will help turn even the most inexperienced property managers into knowledgeable and capable professionals.

You don’t always have to search for ‘Handyman near me‘ in Buffalo, NY, Cheektowaga, NY, Lockport, NY & Niagara Falls, NY to deal with property management issues. Some problems are easy to manage with basic tools and DIY skills. Let’s dive in!

1. Basic plumbing: A leaky tap or running toilet is one of the most common issues that pops up in rental or commercial properties. You don’t always need to run for professional handyman services for such problems. All you need is an adjustable wrench or a pair of slip joint pliers and a small roll of PTFE tape. A quick YouTube tutorial can guide you through the simple steps to stop your tap drip-dripping and save you valuable time and money.

2. Painting jobs: Repainting is a common task for most rental property managers. Investing in a quality paint roller, an angle sash paintbrush, and learning how to cut in properly will save you much hassle for your next repaint job. Do remember to remove all hardware and fixtures before you start painting.

3. Switch & socket installation: Changing a light switch or an outlet is relatively easy and can be done by a novice with proper precautions. Always remember to turn off the electricity and use a multimeter to ensure no electricity is flowing through the socket you’ll be working on. This knowledge might help you avoid hiring handyman services for minor electrical issues.

4. Basic HVAC Trouble-shooting: It’s helpful to know a bit about basic HVAC trouble-shooting. The issue might be as simple as changing a clogged air filter or resetting a tripped circuit breaker. A DIY quick fix would be a great way to save time and expense.

Every so often, however, it’s better to conveniently employ the handyman services provided by Towne Housing Real Estate. When it comes to managing commercial properties, speed and efficiency in resolving issues can often lead to a higher return on investment. It’s also essential to remember that for more complex tasks involving electricity, plumbing, or HVAC, it is always safer to employ professional help.

Finally, serving as a property manager in Buffalo, NY, Cheektowaga, NY, Lockport, NY & Niagara Falls, NY can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor. It requires balance between hands-on involvement and professional assistance, between cost-efficiency and quality, and between maintenance and upgrading. With these tips and the right partner to aid in Handyman and Property Management Services, you’re well on your way to success.

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